Recovery Audit Services


Large corporations lose up to $5 for every $1000 while making payments. For example when a new price drop is communicated over email and this new price list is not update in ERP, you may end up paying old price which is higher. Discover Dollar’s expert auditors can analyze more than 100 overpayment scenarios and can help you recover them to directly impact your bottom-line.

  • Duplicate Payments

  • Missed defective allowance

  • Missed volume based discounts

  • Cash Discount Missed

  • Cost overcharges per price list

  • Cost overcharges after price protection

  • Pricing on Returns

  • Price overpayment per Purchase Order

  • Missed invoice allowances

  • Price Increase paid early

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Revenue Leakages

Significant part of retailers’ profit is earned in the form of promotional funding from suppliers for seasonal promotions like “Buy One Get One Free” or “Temporary Price Cut”. Up to 5% of promotional funding is lost by retailers especially when promotional deal discussed over email doesn’t’ get captured. We have more than 200+ scenarios where the retailers are losing and our auditors backed with AI enabled recovery capability will be able to identify potential revenue leakages in near real-time to help retails collect all the promotional Funding.

  • Missed Temporary Price Cut funding per unit

  • Missed fixed amount vendor funding

  • Clearance Funding missed

  • Family of product under promotion omitted

  • Redemption missed on Buy One Get One offers

  • Advertisement/Circular funding missed

  • Promotion funding collected at wrong rate

  • Promotion funding missed for certain period

  • Approved funding not deducted in Accounts Payable

  • Competitive Price match discount not paid by vendor

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